5 ways to uplift your best babes this Galentines day!

Valentines day is right around the corner, and while it can be quite the romantic holiday for you and your significant other, it can also be a great time to show your best babes in your life some love and appreciation too!
We live in a world saturated with unrealistic beauty standards, internet bullies and mom-shaming. Gross. Let's make it a point to make the women in your life aware of what they mean to you on the regular. If you think she looks beautiful, tell her. If you see her killin' it at work, Praise her. If she's hustlin' at the gym give her a hell ya! Cheer your sisters on!
We challenge you this month to not only show your spouse and your best babes some extra love, but all women! Shifting the narrative that we're in competition with each other rather than here to support each other in all that we do!
On that note, we've compiled a list of things you can do to show your best babes, some extra love this month just in time for v -day!
 1. Send her flowers! Who says dudes hold all the responsibility of sending a women a beautiful bunch of blooms? Not us! Send your bestie some flowers to make her insta-smile!
Bonus: for our LOCAL to Fresno/Clovis CA friends, use our friends, Flora Flower cart for the most personalized, high-quality, insta-worthy flower deliveries you will ever recieve. You can also sign up for their Flower SUBSCRIPTION service and get your first month FREE using our code BOUQCLUBALEX (Valid for a medium sized bouquet, just pay $10 delivery fee)
2. Plan a GNI (girls night in), complete with face masks, good eats, your favorite trash tv and some vino.
3. Treat her to something cute to empower her everyday! We've crafted our KLSD babe boxes with exactly this in mind!
picture credit: Danielle Wraith// Styling Credit: Let's party prettier
4. Send her this graphic first thing in the AM. Boost her confidence with words of affirmation!
5.  Schedule an Exercise class for you guys to attend together. Exercise triggers your brain to release endorphins which promote happiness + euphoric feelings! Doing a fun class like High fitness, or Soul Cycle with your best gal pal could release a ton of Endorphins that will leave you feeling accomplished and stoked!
 Photo cred: High fitness Jenna
That's all I've got for today ladies. We hope you remember to show the ladies in your life, and the ladies all around you love not only today, and next week but all the time. We firmly believe in the power of girl power!
“I would like to be known as an intelligent woman, a courageous woman, a loving woman, a woman who teaches by being.”-Maya Angelou

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