our third baby prep, or lack thereof

It's so wild to think baby Register # 3 will be here in just a few short weeks. Week 36 of this pregnancy really snuck up on me, let me tell you. My "prep" for this baby has been nothing like the other two. Partially because I feel like we have a better idea of what we really "need" and partially because I have been too busy to get it together between the other two hooligans and work.  I really didn't start buying things for the baby until probably February, to make sure it really held on. (It can be hard to accept pregnancy, post miscarriage) So, when we found out I was expecting again in December, it took me a few months to really get into the idea that it was actually happening. 

This is my first of three successful pregnancies that we are not finding out the gender, which my younger self always said would NEVER happen. But, let me tell you, it has been SO awesome. I am such a type A personality, I love to control every situation I am in, and like to plan everything to a T. So, to relinquish that control and let it be what it will be has been very liberating. 

That being said, my "planning" for baby 3 has been very minimal. As far as the nursery, it took me a while to even put together a "theme".  We kept Nora's crib and dresser which are grey, and our trusty rocker which is white, so being we don't know the gender that worked out perfect. I decided to just go with White, grey, black and green as our "theme". I picked up some super cute watercolor animal prints on Etsy and had them printed at my local printer and grabbed some white frames for them at target and had my hubby hang them above the crib! This is probably my favorite part!



 I will drop some more little detail shots below and link all the goods for you guys!



Print + holder from local boutique, The Foundry.






Mirror + Shelves, Target. Changing pad+ matching crib sheet: Spearmint Love.

Diaper basket,Home goods. 



Rocker, Pottery Barn. Wall hanging, Hobby Lobby. Gold Lamp+ tray, Target.


As for our Prep for the baby, I have really only picked up a few essentials. When I had our first I fell in love with the JuJu Be BFF backpack diaper bag. SO since its been 5 years since my first, I treated myself to a new one.  Ill give you 5 reasons why this diaper bag is, life. 


1. Opens outward. Game changer for finding all.the.things. 

2. Light interior. Other diaper bags I had, had a dark interior making it impossible to find anything! This feature paired with the opening outward makes it SO easy to find what you're looking for while your baby is screaming bloody murder in a target bathroom stall. 

3. MACHINE WASHABLE. Do I even need to elaborate on this? GENIUS. 

4. Insulated pockets for bottles. AMAAAZING. 

5. Backpack and Shoulder options WITH padded straps. yasss.

So, other than that the other few things we picked up knowing we will need asap are the following:


-New Wild Bird ring sling. I have a slew of carriers and intend to use this one and my Solly baby wrap in the first few months!

-A few gender neutral onesies and sleepers

-A Snuggle me Organic co sleeper. I haven't tried this yet as they didn't have this when I had my other two, but I have heard amazing things about this and the Dock-a-tot so I thought I would try it out! This one is slightly less expensive than the Dock-a-tot with just as great reviews and I got mine on a flash sale for like 60% off so hoping it works as well as people say!

-Gender Neutral Beanie and swaddle from Copper Pearl

-A new Swing/ bouncer from Ingenuity because we have personally survived off of the swing, bouncer and rock and play with the other two in the beginning.

-New Britax carset + 2 bases, one for each car. We prefer britax but there are tons of other great ones. 

-The obvious, binkies, a few Dr. Browns 4oz Bottles and my pump of course.

- Since I have issues with the last two with my milk supply, I have decided to purchase a fenugreek free supplement to start fairly quickly that I have been researching for a while now to help build a strong supply from the get-go. I bought the Legendairy Milk best seller bundle to keep on hand. I know a lot of people disagree with this choice to instantly start supplementing but I know my body and what hasn't worked for me in the past, so I am going to go this route to hopefully last longer than a few months this round! Wish me luck!

 And, that's it! In the past, my bottle cabinet has been fully stocked, a play exersaucer set up ready to go, a high chair at the table and drawers full of clothes. but this time we have none of that. It's comforting knowing I KNOW what we need and know if we don't have it on hand we can simply go get it once we do. No over- preparation, just simple, easy set up for babe # 3. We did save all of the clothes from the first two, so we have that on hand however if we have another boy, the season will be completely opposite as my son is a December baby, so we will have to go out and grab some clothes, but i'm good with that!

Prep for baby 3 has been minimal, and people keep asking me if I am nervous, and I can honestly say I'm not. Maybe it hasn't hit me yet, maybe I've just forgotten what it's like so my brain is tricking me. But I would like to think it's because I genuinely feel like baby is coming regardless, so worrying or being nervous about the transition isn't going to change anything, and I have done it twice before, so what is there to be nervous about? Now, talk to me in 3 months and we will see how true that holds up!


Hope you found some of this somewhat helpful as we navigate prepping our family for baby #3 and the best surprise ever! Ready for you whenever you are, Hayden!



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