my how-to guide on making it big on Etsy

My how-to guide on making it big on Etsy

KLSD is amongst the top 1,000 sellers on Etsy in a pool of 1.9 MILLION sellers! We have over 5,000, 5 star reviews and over 34,000 sales in just 4 years! This didn't come by sittin' here lookin' pretty, ya'll. This came from putting in some seriously hard and intentional work. I'm gonna share some of that with you today! So, if you're looking to start an Etsy shop, but just can't pull the trigger, I hope this how-to guide helps light that fire under your booty! 

Step 1. Develop your brand identity. 

Sit down. Put some coffee in a cute ass mug, get that journal and write down three things you want people to think of when they see anything you create. 

Here are my three things:

Simplicity, stylish, quality. 

When people see KLSD, I want them to be drawn to our simplistic style. I want them to know and trust they will receive quality product. 

Now, you need a name + logo. If you're not skilled in this department, hire someone. Your logo should emulate your three intentions for your company. 

Step 2. Create your product or service

I am going to assume if you're reading this, you have a product or service you're wanting to sell, but if you don't, you need one!

What are you wanting to put out in to the world? Whatever it is, be damn proud of it! Don't forget you are your number one fan. 

Step 3. Photograph your product.

It is proven that items with better imagery are going to sell better online. Your customers want to see the item you're selling in a real life scenario. They want to envision it in their life. Help them do that with your images!


Clearly, this is SO important. This can be very nerve wracking, I know. Once I was a 24 year old, scared as hell to make the leap, and DANG am I glad I did!!!

Step 5. Sit back and enjoy the money!! 

Omg, so kidding, ya'll!

I didn't make any money the first 6 months of my Etsy store, and now, 4 years later we have an annual revenue of almost $600,000. This did NOT happen overnight. This required a lot of hard work, a lot of late nights, and a lot of sacrifice. You have what it takes, you just gotta know that too! 

Step 6. Intentionally List Product

I say intentionally because you need to research your market. You need to research tags, research keywords related to your product, and use those to help you get noticed. Use long-tail keywords in your descriptions. Make them interesting and relatable. Use your title to get noticed based on that keyword research you just did! Use as many photos as possible. And, if you are apparel based, provide detailed sizing charts and color choices. Make your sizing charts personal to you, do not just copy and paste the wholesalers info. It gives your buyer confidence in your brand. 

A website I love for assistance in market research and optimizing your Etsy is Marmalead.

Step 7. Promote your items via pinterest, instagram and facebook. 

This is a whole other blog post for a whole different day, but if you're trying to sell something in 2018, you are significantly doing your business a disservice by not being active on social media. I KNOW this can be so daunting, but it is SO vital to your growth and success. Get out there, promote your product or service. Show the world what you have to offer, and again, be DAMN proud of it. 

I have so much extensive knowledge I will be sharing with you all on how to be successful on Etsy and in the e-commerce world, so trust me, we are just getting started!

Drop any questions you have below and we will get back to you ASAP!

Now, go pursue those dreams and share your passion with the world!


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