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dear grieving mama,

I've read a ton about the statistics of how many women are affected by infant loss and while there are so many different ones out there, the similarity between them all is that it is so much more common than we think. I'm sure all of you can think of a woman you know who has experience infant loss. Whether that be miscarriage, stillbirth, or death after birth, all have their own weight and grieving process attached. It's a haunting thought, and one I personally struggle with. As parents, the thought of losing a child is something we can't even comprehend. Yet, it's a reality for so many. 

This interview with Jess Visser really touched me in so many ways. Her story of life after loss of her son speaks to her healing process and the journey the Lord took her on through this experience. I am still in awe over her incredible faith and trust in God's perfect plan for her and her family. 

If you have ever struggled through a loss of your own or know someone who has and needs to hear words of encouragement that there is a light after loss, this one is for you. This interview is raw, honest, and beautiful. God's power of healing is real. And Jess is a walking testimony to that. Thank you Jess for being so brave and willing to share with us on this KLSD Mama Monday.

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