Most epic proposals of 2018

With engagement season in full swing, we decided to scour the internet for our top 5 fav proposal videos of 2018. Grab your tissues because these engagement proposal videos will make you cry. From a flash mob orchestra to indoor rock climbing, here are the most epic proposals of 2018!

1. Adam + Mlyane

Move over, flash mob dancers. A flash mob orchestra is where it's at! As Adam and Mlyane walked through the Waterloo Station in London, they were stopped in their tracks by the beautiful music of the Giardino Strings Orchestra. Little by little, members of the orchestra surrounded the couple, creating the most romantic moment for Adam to ask Mlyane to marry him.


2. Ruben + Tamara 

Ruben turned his proposal to his girlfriend of five years, Tamara, into a high energy performance! Dancers from Nago Academy surprised Tamara as she walked through the colorful Midtown Garden Center in Miami. Ruben did an epic Capoeira performance before he got down on one knee to pop the question!

3. Brad + Hiba

This one is for our adventurous peeps! Brad proposed to Hiba at an indoor rock climbing gym. How cool is that?! Hiba found heart-shaped love notes and the ring box the higher she climbed the wall. As soon as she got back to the ground, Brad proposed and she said yes!

4. Morgan + Tom

This Christmas proposal is so charming! Tom asked Morgan the big question with a sweet seranade and her fam and friends. The acapella group, pretending to do a random acts of kindness project, sang John Legend's "All of Me" to Morgan as they walked her to her future fiance! 


5. Allison + Nic

This proposal video will make you cry happy tears from the moment it starts. Nic begins by calling his mom to tell him he's going to propose. Cue Allison walking through a photo-filled house, then stopping to watch a video of all the times Nic asked her to marry him while she was asleep lol She follows a trail of rose petals to meet Nic outside where he asks her to be his wife!

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