new blog, who dis?

Hey babes!

Welcome to our brand spankin' new blog!

Alex introduced herself and KLSD's journey to what it is today in our first post, so now we want to give y'all a heads up about what to expect from our blog!

We envision this blog being a fun and sassy resource for bridal, bachelorette, and lifestyle inspiration.

Think hella bachelorette and wedding vibes; gift guides; all things mamahood; style for the home, office, and body-ody-ody; and real stories about real life, including what it's like to run a small business and be a wife and mama of three under five from the #bossmama herself. 

Essentially we hope this space will be a place you can turn to for creativity and sisterhood. We have so many ideas and cool things planned for the future and we're so blessed you will be a part of it all. 

We hope you have so much fun here! Leave us a comments below and slide into our dms with any requests! 


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