Workout Wednesday: Breathing Exercises with CRB

Happy Workout Wednesday, y'all! Today's workout is with the queen Christine Brown, aka CRB! She's a fierce Fresno creative that does many things in the Central Valley, including teaching yoga at Blue Moon Yoga.

For this month's Workout Wednesday, she's slowing things down with breathing exercises and hand + shoulder stretches. We carry a lot of tension in our neck and shoulders, so Christine walked us through each of these moves to relieve that stress. Do your best to go slow when practicing intentional breathing. It's been scientifically proven that when you take slower breaths, it sends signals to your brain to relax!

You can do these breathing exercises from anywhere! Whether it's at your desk, at home when the kids are driving you bananas (you can even try practicing breathing with them!), or when you're stuck in traffic on the way home.

PRO TIP: Practice your breathing and stretching regularly, even when you're not stressed or just a tiny bit stressed. This will help deescalate any stress before it gets too overwhelming.

Watch the full video below and follow CRB @hashtag.pretty to find out when she's teaching at Blue Moon Yoga! 


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