Workout Wednesday: Tabata with Heather McCann

Hey guys! Welcome to Workout Wednesday with KLSD! We're pumped to bring this new series to you! Every month we'll get our workout on with local badass women in health and fitness. First up is our girl Heather McCann! Heather is a wife, mom, pilates and indoor cycling instructor, and creator of Valley Sweat Life, a website that unites and inspires the community through fitness and healthy living. Whew! What doesn't she do?!

Heather knows there are plenty of busy moms and people out there, so she designed a quick Tabata workout you can do from anywhere! This is a full-body workout complete with a warmup and cool down. Push yourself as much as you can during the Tabata! It's 4 minutes of hard exercise: 20 seconds of every move with 10 seconds of recover between each set. Repeat this cycle 2-4 times!

Ok, now you're all set to kick this workout's butt! Save this video + photo to your phone and make a dope playlist so you can do it anytime, anywhere! 


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