How I practice daily gratitude and remain grounded!

In honor of World Gratitude day, I decided to sit down and write a post around just that...Gratitude. 


  1. God's Undeserved grace. 
  2. My husbands loving, generous, tenacious and silly spirit. 
  3. Three healthy children.
  4. The Freedom to pursue my goals and career dreams
  5. Another day of life. 
One thing that always puts things int perspective for me real quick is my daily commute to work. For those who aren't familiar, our new building is located in Downtown Fresno. While downtown is amazing, it is also the home to many of the homeless population of Fresno. Often times if I leave my house frustrated with my kids or myself, my 15 minute drive downtown very easily snaps me out of whatever selfish mindset I am in. You see, I am very blessed. I mean IMMENSELY blessed. 
I wake up in the morning, in my home, beside my husband, with the fan blowing on my face and a blanket covering my body. I walk to my bathroom, use a toilet, wash my face in a sink and make a coffee from a Nespresso machine with steamed foam.  I then get to kiss my kids, and pray to a god who hears me fully. I open my refrigerator and choose what food I feel like eating that day. I shower with warm water and get dressed in clean clothes. I then get into my car and drive from point A to point B multiple times a day. I mean COME ON, talked about blessings on blessings.
Then I drive downtown and see those less fortunate who slept on the sidewalk, who don't have proper shelter or food or water. Who may or may not be struggling through addiction or mental illness. Who don't have the blessing of security and comfort. 
There are so many things that really put how deeply blessed I am into perspective. Am I a person who is naturally happy, cheerful and optimistic? NO. I am a realist. An analyst. A skeptic. It is not in my nature to see the best in everything. Knowing this in myself and knowing it was not a trait I loved has changed my prayers. I pray for a softer heart. I pray for eyes of the Lord. I pray for a trust and guidance in walking through uncertain waters.
On world gratitude day, I wanted to touch down on the practices I have that help keep me grounded and grateful for all that the Lord has blessed me with. 

1. Daily Prayer

2.  Quiet time each morning with my bible and journal. 

3.  Breathing when life can get overwhelming

4. Community Service

5. Quality Family time

6. Church 

If you find yourself to be a person that struggles with finding something to be grateful for in a day, I highly recommend you try one of the above out! It's amazing what being intentional about tackling things about yourself that you may not love ( my skepticism, mood and optimism) can do for your life. 
I also recommend spending time each day taking note of 5 things you are grateful for. It could be as big as healthy children, or as little as a warm cup of coffee in the morning. The actual practice of being intentional each day with what you are grateful for can change you from the inside out!
Lastly, below are a few things I love to use each day for the above practices! My bible, my daily devotional and my favorite everyday journal!


Jesus Calling Daily Devotional, Illuminated Bible, My fav notebooks!

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